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      Just fill out the form on the left and hit submit! This form is required in addition to the email attachment with your art files and will not be posted without it.

Due to the lack of a "file-upload" script, all files will need to be attached in an email seperately.
1] Three (3) pictures maximum per project.
2] A document in basic TEXT format with project features and sound sample information.
3] All attachments must be put in a single ZIP file no bigger than 300k.
One email per project! All files will be resized and cut to fit the page accordingly.

If you have sound samples hosted elsewhere, please paste the links to them into the email. If you need samples hosted please follow below.

1] One sample ONLY per project.
2] Sample must be an MP3 no bigger than 1mb and in ZIP format when attached.

To send files please Click Here. In the Subject put "project files" and the project name . And, "project sample" and project name.

Example Subject: Project Files - QBent
Example Subject: Project Sample - QBent

- IMPORTANT - Please allows 7-10 days for your project to be seen on the site (increase time with multiple projects). An email will be sent to you confirming that it was successfully showcased. Any information missing will lengthen or delete the request process.