Burnkit 2600 create exotic, sub-aquatic soundscapes, quirky modified jazz and chunky distorted grooves for people with an adventurous ear.

Born from the ashes of their collective musical experiences, and from a desire to get further left from the center, the band creates new sounds from antiquated devices and thrift-store finds. Through experimentation with circuit-bending and other modifying techniques, the band breathes new life into dead circuits, liberating the musical creativity locked within them.

Burnkit founders, Thomas Uliasz and Justin Emerson have been experimenting with sonic mayhem since 1996. Initially armed with a complex barrage of synths and samplers, the group evolved into a stripped down setup of toy drum-machines, children's learning toys and ancient video game hardware. While they're studios are still stocked with their favorite Moogs and Akai's for solo projects, Burnkit 2600 makes sure there is much less dust on their 9V battery operated devices.

Through a series of informal jam sessions, club dates, gallery performances and live radio broadcasts, Burnkit 2600 have developed a mastery of their odd instruments and an intuitive sense of how to play each bloop and bleep together to create a variety of thick atmospherics and heavy rhythms.
Often inviting guest artists and constantly developing new instruments to add to the controlled chaos, Burnkit 2600 is far from finished in their evolutionary history

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Contact Information:
Name: Thom, Justin
Website: http://www.burnkit2600.com

Music Type: Circuitbending