The Generator Project came into existence at the CC6 STUDIO in June of 2003. The Generator Project fuses the creativity of "909 Evans" and "MacGyvan" bringing to life a structured set of musical experiments ("songs") based on spontaneity and improvisation. Crafted from the live jam sessions recorded at the CC6 Studio, structured and refined experiments are engineered at MacGyvan's mad laboratory.

The Generator Project brings a new style of "Electronic" music to life by preserving the human element within the compositions. Using live performances as source material, we are able to keep a natural human earthy "organic" feel to every individual track which make up the complete experiments. Every individual track therefore exists within every complete experiment just as it was originally recorded, the way it was meant to be..

Audio experiments are created, among many others, with commercial vintage and modern synths and modified and/or custom designed electronic circuits. All the decent takes from jams are made available for you on the CC6STUDIO.COM Web Site shortly after they have been recorded.

"Counterparting in symbiotic exploration of new melodic worlds, we stand alone yet bring together the differences which make our diversity" We are The Generator Project.

For more information, sound samples and photos, click here go to The Generator Project website.

Contact Information:
Name: Evans

Music Type: Experimental Electronics