Picture a hyper band of aliens channeling through a broken AM radio, and someone's playing with the speed control. But the Hendrix-worthy feedback wails are actually the sirens of toy fire engines. The crazy beats courtesy of model helicopters. Toydeath proves that punk "ain't dead"; it's just moved into the toy box.

Re-purposing electronic children's toys to create energetic bursts of rock 'n' roll mayhem, this Australian trio knows you don't have to play by the rules to have fun. Using their noisy gizmos, they extract the elements of music that kids will grow to torture their parents with. These 8-bit instruments provide the kinds of tinny distortion and glitchery that bands like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson sell their souls for. It's like listening to Sigue Sigue Sputnik as Tamagotchi.

"Jam with Elmo," squeals a familiar fuzzy voice, leading listeners in a hyper digital dance. A chorus of circuit-bent animals sings a round of "Funkytown." A playroom parade of blaring toy trucks welcomes you to "Twaffik City." Each track on this disc could be the soundtrack to a maniacal cartoon, or your next sugar high. Let's hope nobody prescribes this band a dose of Ritalin while they continue to craft their hyperactive hootenanny.

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Contact Information:
Name: Nick
Email: gijoe@toydeath.com
Website: www.toydeath.com

Music Type: Circuitbending