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Justin Emerson's Circuit Bending Projects
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Justin Emerson's Circuit Bending Projects

   Justin Emerson, co-founder of Burnkit2600, has been experimenting with sonic mayhem since 1996. His personal site includes an eclectic blend of instruments with very detailed modification schematics.

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Anti-theory - The self-proclaimed "Father of Circuit-Bending" has a how-to section.
Justin's Bending Projects - Justin Emerson's Circuit Bending Projects. Secrets Revealed!
Oscillateur - Gallery, FAQ, circuitbending for dummies.
Cementimental - "Circuit-bent toys, noise & seriously monged music." Also, NES projects and cassette tape loops.
Alien Devices - Bent toys and drum machines with gallery and schematics.
The Former Yugoslavia (TFY) - "Circuit bending as a logical extension of the plunderphonic aesthetic."
Doomation - Extremely disturbing circuit-bent toys. - Bill T. Miller's collection of bent toys. MP3s and quicktime videos.
F7 Sound and Vision - Michael Oster's circuit bending projects and sounds
Baragon - Baragon's Bent Instrument Gallery
Mystery Circuits - Mike Walters collection of "sound gizmos".
TechDweeb - Tom Koch's gadget gallery.
Oddstruments - Gallery exhibition of experimental musical instruments. Featuring Neil Feather and Reed Ghazala.
MikMo - Bent Gallery with descriptions, sounds, and schematics.

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